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Zymbal glandOverview

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The Zymbal gland is an accessory structure of the rodent ear, a sense organ. Zymbal glands are modified sebaceous glands that are located at the base of the external ear and secrete into the auditory canal. They are target tissues for carcinogenicity tests.

The 4X micrograph displays a Zymbal gland and the structures surrounding it, including a nerve and the parotid gland. The 10X micrograph exhibits components of the Zymbal gland, i.e., secretory cells, a duct surrounded by squamous stratified epithelium, connective tissue, adipose tissue, and an artery. The 20X and 40X micrographs show in increasing detail the Zymbal gland acini that consist of secretory cells and basal cells and the connective tissue between the acini.

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