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spinal ganglionOverview

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A spinal ganglion contains the cell bodies of sensory neurons entering the spinal cord. Bundles of myelinated nerve fibers surrounded by Schwann cells (which produce myelin) run through the middle of the spinal ganglion, while at its periphery are groups of large, round cell bodies with centrally located nuclei. The cell bodies are surrounded by flattened support cells, the satellite cells, and a thin outer capsule of connective tissue. The spinal ganglion is covered by a dense connective tissue capsule.

The 4X micrograph is a cross section of a spinal ganglion with parts of the vertebral column. The 10X micrograph depicts the dark outer area of the spinal ganglion with large round neurons and the clear center with nerve fibers. The 20X and 40X micrographs show, in increasing detail, the neurons surrounded by satelite cells. The nuclei of the neurons with their prominent nucleoli are visible in the 40X micrograph. The 40X micrograph also displays the Schwann cells associated with the nerve fibers.

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