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Mouse adult blood contains approximately ten million erythrocytes (red blood cells) and five to ten thousand leukocytes (white blood cells) per cubic milliliter. Leukocytes consist of different cell types, including lymphocytes (80%-90%), neutrophils (5%-20%), monocytes (5%), eosinophils (1%-2%), and basophils. Basophils are rare in normal blood smears.

The micrographs depict blood smears obtained from adult inbred mice. The micrograph labeled “lymphocyte” shows a lymphocyte, a small cell with a dark, round nucleus and pale blue cytoplasm. The micrograph labeled “neutrophil” depicts a neutrophil, which is characterized by pale violet cytoplasm and a dark, ring-shaped nucleus. The micrograph labeled “monocyte” shows a monocyte with its characteristic kidney-shaped nucleus located to one side and a blue-gray cytoplasm. The micrograph labeled “eosinophil” shows an eosinophil with the characteristic red to brown granules in pink (acidophilic) cytoplasm, and a segmented nucleus.

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