Each person has certain genetic predispositions that affect their complexion, body shape, performance in various sports, and predisposition to the type of load. Nature endowed each of us with individual features which we must not ignore.

Genetic influence on athletic performance

For example, imagine an athlete engaged in weightlifting (lifting the barbell) and a cyclist who rides long distances. Now try to mentally swap them. Will a lightweight cyclist with good endurance be successful in lifting a heavy barbell? In fact, it is quite possible that he will. As the favorite statement of our experts says: “Genetics is not a sentence”! Even a ballerina can start working with barbell. But it will be much more difficult for her to achieve success in weightlifting than in the area she is predisposed to. Moreover, it may even be dangerous to the health. Is it really worth pushing yourself against the nature?

Which genes are responsible for performance in sports?

There are two genes – ADRB2 and ADRB3 – that help to determine which training intensity will be most effective for their owner. These genes are responsible for the speed of conversion of fat reserves into a useable energy. The analysis of these genes allows selecting the most suitable type of the training zone (there are four different zones). There is a special indicator of physical activity – the MET index. It is the ratio of the metabolic rate during physical activity to the rate of energy consumption during rest. The harder the body works during the physical activity, the more energy it spends and the higher the MET index is. Each type of physical activity has its own MET index. For example, gymnastics has 8.0 index, swimming – 6.0, walking – 2.5. The study of ADRB2 and ADRB3 genes will help to understand which MET index the training should in order to lose, preserve and gain weight. AMDP1 and IL6 genes are responsible for body’s recovery rate after exercising and fatigue rate during training. Their analysis will make it possible to individually determine the dynamics of training sessions and their optimal duration for each individual. Harmoniously selected training program will let people maintain health and achieve the most impressive results in sports in the shortest possible time.

The ACT and AGT genes will tell about person’s predisposition to increased blood pressure after trainings. If this risk is high, then this indicator should be carefully monitored. Maybe the excessive physical training will help a person to “pump” impressive muscles, but at the same time, this might seriously harm the cardiovascular system. As a result, it can lead to serious diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

The combination of PPARA PGC1A ACE PPARG2 genes will help to understand what a person is predisposed to: muscle strength or endurance. Having this information, you can choose the most comfortable and effective sport for yourself.

The analysis of the “sports genes” is important in order to compose an individual training program, which, alongside with proper nutrition program, will ensure the best result. If a person wants to lose weight, the most optimal decision is to do it with careful consideration of individual genetic features. Such approach will make it possible not only to achieve the effect faster and consolidate the result but also improve one’s health!

Thus, doctors get a chance to see the whole picture. For example, the genes SLC30A8, KCNJ11, FTO, TCF7L2, IL6 are responsible for the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome. It is very important for people with an increased risk of developing diabetes to reduce body weight to a normal level and increase physical activity (this reduces the risk of developing the disease by 2 times).

“Dietetics” DNA test gives doctor the opportunity to simultaneously draw up a genetic nutrition program and compose a training program at the client’s request (weight loss, weight maintenance, muscle mass gain), to take into account all of its physical and genetic features, maintain health and achieve the best physical result!