Comparative Pathology: Pancreatic Mass

Although most human pancreatic carcinomas are thought to arise in the small pancreatic ducts, early attempts to develop pancreatic carcinomas in GEM produced acinar tumors. These early studies utilized the EL-1 (elastase) promoter with oncogenes such as Kras, Hras, and TGF-α. Since different promoters target different cell types in various stages of development, in 2004 NCI sponsored an international workshop to standardize the phenotypic nomenclature of GEM pancreatic neoplasms (Hruban et al, 2006). In the last decade, several new GEM models have been developed which produce ductal adenocarcinomas. Among these, expression of an endogenous allele of oncogenic Kras produced ductal adenocarcinomas with a short latency (Tuveson and Hingorani, 2005).

Pancreatic Mass


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