Comparative Pathology: Young Female with Breast Mass

Fat necrosis is fairly common in the mouse.   This image contains fat necrosis in the bottom half, and normal lactating mammary gland in the upper right.  Use the WSI to explore more of the mammary gland.


Fat Necrosis (Mouse)


Click here to see the whole slide image.

Click here to view the human pathology.



Lopez JA et al.  “MRI Diagnosis and Follow-Up of Subcutaneous Fat Necrosis”  JMRI 7:929-932 (1997)

Inna Yu, Y et al.  “The Morphology of Apoptosis and Necrosis of Fat Cells after Photodynamic Treatment at a Constant Temperatue in vitro”  Proc SPIE 7887, 78870X   doi:10:117/12.8787 54 (2001)



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