Slide of the Week: Mammary Gland Biopsy, August 22th, 2011

A 38 year old female (para 3, gravida 3), complains of persistent bilateral mammary gland pain associated with a “lumpy” feeling when she does a self- examination.  She carries a family history of breast cancer in both her mother and older sister.  A biopsy revealed the following image.

Mammary Gland Biopsy

The most likely diagnosis is:

  1. Medullary carcinoma
  2. Lobular Carcinoma in situ
  3. Fibrocystic disease
  4. Ductal carcinoma in situ




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Answer: 3, Fibrocystic disease.



Fibrocystic Disease (Condition) is a hormonally associated benign mammary disorder affecting about 60% of women.  The hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle cause the mammary gland to feel swollen, painful and “lumpy”.  Following menopause the changes usually subside. However, in cases of PHTS  and history, there is an increased risk for mammary malignancy. The solid nests have irregular slits which are considered benign. The cysts are apocrine cysts.



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